Flying the world’s worst airline

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Air Koryo Fleet

Ever wondered what it feels like to fly with the world’s worst airline? Well, let me tell you it’s not as bad as you’d imagine. Air Koryo which has been rated the world’s worst airline for the 4th year in a row (NBC News) is the only 1-star Airline out there. Even though most things are pretty standard there are some differences you’ll notice.

The magazines

When boarding the plane you’ll get a chance to pick up the Pyongyang Times. The state owned newspaper makes an interesting read and even features some of the current events going on in the western world. However, you’ll notice it’s a little biased and almost all of it’s content focuses around Kim Jong-un. Make sure that after you are done reading you fold the newspaper correctly! Folding over the picture of Kim Jong-un on the front page is considered very disrespectful!

Pyongyang Times


Burgers on an airplane! Sounds too good to be true? Well, it kind of is. Unfortunately, they are not the tastiest burgers out there. Also the purple soda doesn’t add to the experience. Anyway, still love the idea!

Air Koryo Burger

Flight entertainment System

There are overhead TV screens showing concerts of Kim Jong-un’s favourite band – Moranbong. Whilst beautiful to look at the music is something in need of getting used to. And let me assure you. There’s no volume control. In case you haven’t heard of Moranbong here’s a video of one of their concerts.

Airport in Pyongyang

The airport in Pyongyang is brand new and was only opened in July 2016. As there are very few flights per day the airport is empty most of the time. Besides the lack of passengers the airport looks similar to others and could just as well be anywhere around the world.

   Pyongyang Airport


Besides their airplane fleet Air Koryo also operates a Russian Mil Mi-17 helicopter! You can book a flight over Pyongyang which gives you a great view over Pyongyang. However, be aware that the interior is not what you’d expect from a helicopter and that the windows are a bit foggy.

Mil Mi-17 helicopter Flight over Pyongyang in a Mil Mi-17 helicopter

Fun Fact

Take a closer look at Air Koryo’s Logo. The wings of the crane resemble the outline of North Korea!

Air Koryo Logo


Hope you enjoyed the little write up about Air Koryo. Feel free to comment below!

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  1. So, I guess “Folding over the picture of Kim Jong-un on the front page” is more dangerous than the safety of their flight, isn’t it? 😀

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