Update: Apparently they turned this place into a waterpark. Makes me sad to hear that this hidden gem has been turned into a tourist attraction :'(.


Grand Canyon Chiang Mai – Thailand

The grand canyon Chiang Mai, the chiang mai quarry or the red mud quarry – there are many different names for this amazing place! It’s probably one of my favourite places in Asia and one of the reasons I started this blog. I heard some rumours about this place when I was traveling Thailand with no one actually knowing where it was. As it’s not listed in any travel guide and even the locals weren’t too sure about it I decided to check it out myself. I found a vague description of how to get there online and promised myself to put up some more details for fellow travellers if I was able to find it! Here you go folks.

So what is this grand canyon chiang mai?

It’s hard to describe this place in words. It’s kind of like the grand canyon in green/blue water. It’s truly stunning and you should definitely head there if you like the adventure, swimming or jumping off cliffs. It’s also beautiful by itself or for taking pictures. Beware that there are signs up which say no swimming due to a recent incident where a tourist drowned. So go in at your own risk (but go in). The highlight of the quarry is the 14m high cliff of which you can jump into the water. It is pretty scary – especially when you’re up there! Long story short. Here are some pictures which will convince you to go!

Alright, let’s go! How do I get there?

First of all go by scooter. It’s kind of the only way to go except for maybe renting a car. Easiest way to navigate is using your smartphone and google maps. These are the coordinates you have to type into google maps: “18.697053, 98.893398“.


Description to the grand canyon Chiang Mai

From Chiang Mai get on to highway 121 (also known as Canal Road) heading south towards Hang Dong and keep driving straight for 45 minutes.

After about 45 minutes a PT gas station will appear on your left. Take the next right after the PT gas station!

Cross the small bridge on your right and keep going straight for 500m.

After 500m take a left. You should now see the quarry appear on your right. Have fun!

(If you want to go the Tuang Thong Canyon View restaurant before/after you have been to the grand canyon just continue straight here.)

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  1. Aloha! we will be going in July!

  2. I went there today. So much fun! The water is so warm.

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  4. Can i go in bike ?

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      Hi Juliette,
      sure. Wouldn’t see why not? Have fun and let me know if things have changed!
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