Maximon Leather Bags

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When studying my masters in Bristol I met Henry. Henry is a fun guy from Australia who I became good friends with as his girlfriend (now spouse) was studying the same course as me. We were a good bunch of friends from all over the world who enjoyed student life and shared some great moments together! Unfortunately, we haven’t been in touch too much lately due to the distance.

However, I was super excited to hear that Henry had moved to Guatemala and started his own business. He funded himself on kickstarter and has been working on Maximon Leather since. Maximon Leather designs stylish leather bags which I personally like for their minimalistic look! Enough said – check out the great video below for the awesome story behind the name and my mate Henry!

If you’re interested in any of the products head over to the website. Henry also started blogging about the experiences he made when starting his business in Latin America. Make sure to read Some pros and cons if you are now thinking about starting your own business in Latin America. Furthermore, there’s a great article on What to pack for Central America? – just in case you haven’t read Your bag and what goes inside ;). I wish you all the best Henry and hope to cross paths again one day!

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