Meeting Indonesian Travel Blogger Hassan Hans

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Just a small shout-out to my friend and Indonesian travel blogger Hassan Hans! Hassan and I first met in Bandung, Java where we were the only two travellers in a hostel. As we got along well we decided to head out together and explore the nearby sights such as the volcanic crater of Tangkuban Perahu and the Maribaya forest walk. Hassan wrote an article about the day we spend together and even though I can’t read it as it’s written in Bahasa Indonesia the article does seem quite funny! The article is named “Ngebacot Bareng Bule” of which I only understand the word “Bule” which means something like “albino” and is used as a term to describe white foreigners in Indonesia (not in a bad way though and in this case me ;)). So for anybody who is interested check out the article and Hassan’s blog at It was a pleasure meeting you Hassan and hope to see you again soon!

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  1. Those picts are so beautiful

  2. Nice pict. Bandung as amazing ?

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