Pyongyang Beer Festival

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When visiting Pyongyang in August it happened to be the first ever beer festival to take place in North Korea. It was great to see the locals having a good time and enjoying themselves with beers and music. The beer was actually quite tasty and the uniforms of the waitresses were stunning!

Pyongyang Beer Festival

I was surprised by the media coverage the festival got around the world! I only realized once I got back that a lot of media had picked up on the beer festival! The dailymail published a picture of our tour group in which you can see us having our beers.

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My dad also gave an interview and can be seen at minute 0:39 in the video below!

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All in all it was a great experience and I was happy to read some positive media coverage on North Korea compared to the one-sided media coverage it usually gets. Guess the love for beer is mutual – regardless of any borders!

In case you want to read more about the beer festival I have listed a couple of English as well as German articles below:

English articles

The Guardian:
NK News:

German articles

Sputnik Deutschland:

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