Travel Thoughts on North Korea

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North Korea is one of the countries where at times you feel slightly different. Not in a bad way but you have these tiny moments you haven’t actually experienced before. After handing over my passport to the guide I became aware of one of these moments. I didn’t have a passport, a credit card or a key.

I wasn’t really worried though. It didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. It was just a thought which struck me which I tried to compare with something familiar. I couldn’t – and that put a smile on my face. That’s what I came for.

Arch of Reunification

North Korea is clean. As in very clean. Cleaner than Singapore. It’s not the missing plastics and trash which makes it look so clean. It’s the perfectly swept walkways and trimmed hedges. The big empty roads. The tidy appearance by the people. The missing advertising.


Propaganda. Pictures, posters, statues. Everywhere and very impressive! Even as a tourist or maybe especially because of that. Certainly the biggest statues, buildings and roads I’ve ever seen.


They’re just like us. People. Caring about their family. Laughing. And not missing what they don’t know. Are they less happy than us? I wonder.. Reminds me of the joke with the Eskimo and the Priest.


Somehow the trip was different than expected. Felt like I was in a documentary myself. Didn’t remind me of any of those I’ve seen. Happy I went to see for myself.


Came back. Felt like I was gone for half a year. It’s been only 10 days.

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  1. North Korea ? Cool. There are very clean yes. And also a bit sep. Maybe. Oh by the way. I ria of Indonesia. I love reading your article though a little understood ???. Excitement for the onward journey yes

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